The Network for the Regional Platform for Migration Information (RPMI) is composed of focal points of the National Offices and Institutes of Migration from each involved country, with representative participation of women and men. The Network focuses on the exchange of migration information disaggregated by gender and will promote coordination among countries.

The RPMI Network seeks to focus on strengthening the production of information on migration. In the future, the Network will seek to implement actions to coordinate with other initiatives in order to further develop the Network and enable mutual enrichment between different platforms.

The Network will make the decisions regarding the development of RPMI during face-to-face or virtual meetings through the platform.

The Regional Office for Central America, North America and the Caribbean will have a leading role during the initial implementation and coordination phase of the platform. However, as the platform is established the Regional Office will accompany the process until the platform has been finalized.


Participating countries and institutions:

Country Institution
Belize Department of Immigration and Nationality Services
Costa Rica General Office of Migration and Immigration
El Salvador General Office of Migration and Immigration (DGME)
Guatemala Guatemalan Institute of Migration
Guyana Department of Citizenship and Immigration Guyana Bureau of Statistics
Honduras National Institute of Migration 
Jamaica Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ)
Mexico Secretariat of the Interior / Migration Policy Unit (UPM)
General Office of Migration and Immigration (DGME)
Panama National Migration Service
Dominican Republic General Office of Migration
Saint Lucia Immigration Department, Ministry of Home Affairs, Justice and National Security 
Suriname Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade